domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

I don't even care anymore

for one too many times have i said to myself “this is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time” fuck you tyler, i don’t need to be crazy to know my life is shit just nibblin’ at the easy bits, hoping to find somebody who can slap my shit wondering if there’s no secret level i’ve been missing, or if some long-forgotten dream has all the answers i’ve been unable to regurgitate i don’t know man, all my life all i’ve done is to berate hearing my pulsations with my ear folded onto itself never really took the time to learn to read in clef can’t stop thinking ‘bout her hair and the way the world fits perfectly onto itself can’t blame her or me for my self created void of loneliness can’t digress, got no access to such privileges, been running my hands at the surface looking for the edges i’m afraid i’m a walking contradiction, unable to voice any pledges besieging the english language, getting away with easy rhymes oh you should be ashamed boy... but i’m not, my brain’s too full of blood clots kill me now is my carpe diem ab imo pectore, that’s what im trying to say but i ain’t no black guy, plus esta tarde vi llover ever since the incident i’ve got this invisible nanny she asks if i’m going nutters again all the time scolds me real good when i get too close to the edge of rooftoops like if at any time i was ready to commit the most horrendous crime i won’t deny or confirm any alegations i’d rather blow away all my inspirations

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